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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing "Hall Pass" A new feature here at Hall And Oates Forever!

I am introducing a new feature here at Hall and Oates Forever! I know it's been a few years since many of us have been in school, but I am sure you remember what a Hall Pass is! Today I am introducing a new feature here at HOF called "Hall Pass" and have re-written the definition so it fits where many of us stand today in our lives.

"Thesaurus Legend:

Noun1.hall pass - written permission from a Boss for an employee to be out of their cubicle and dancing in the halls.
laissez passer, pass - a document indicating permission to do something without restrictions; "the media representatives had special passes" "

It is my great pleasure to bring you your very first Hall Pass from Hall And Oates Forever! One (Daryl) Hall song a day to get your through the day! Enjoy it!


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