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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hall and Oates Forever Fan Pic's: Carol Douglas

We, here at Hall and Oates Forever, are encouraging our fans to show us your fan pics! Every fan has a story and we want to hear them all!

Here are some fan pic's sent to me Carol Douglas, who writes:

When the boys finally made it back to the great southern land and toured with Icehouse in February this year, I was determined to see as many shows as I could. We paid $260 a ticket over here and if hubby had stayed home, I might have been able to go to more shows , lol.
As we were flying out of Melbourne, who should we see in the airport but the band. I got to meet John and he was just so wonderful. I have waited 35 years for this moment. He made sure we were in a great spot and signed my set list.
I also took the chance to chat with Charlie, who I met 20 years ago in Sydney. I got to meet T-Bone that night too. What a beautiful gentleman he was.

Carol and Charlie:

Continuing the Melbourne airport story, also met Paul and Brian. What an awesome crew. Daryl was no where to be seen.

Thank you Carol for sharing these pictures, and we're glad you had a great time!

To have your picture shared on our blog, please "message" it to me through my FB page or e-mail it to me through the Hall & Oates Forever DB and I will be glad to feature your picture here on HallAndOatesForever! Keep the pictures coming folks!


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