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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hall and Oates Fan Pic's: Charlene Murphy Fish

We, here at Hall and Oates Forever, are encouraging our fans to show us your fan pics! Every fan has a story and we want to hear them all!

Today I'll share mine, along with a review of the show I went to, the one at the St. Augustine Ampitheater on 4/10/2009.

This was truly the best day of my life.
Mike (my boyfriend) did a drive by, he drove by the Ampitheatre and dumped me and Irene off at 3PM. We went to where we were supposed to meet "Uncle Dave" and a lady came out and told us the M&G had been changed until 4PM. So Irene and I were left to amuse ourselves for a half hour. We watched Charlie drive himself into the parking lot and circle around a few times then leave. Irene was debating was it Charlie or not, I think she sort of knew it was him but wasn't sure-I guess we were expecting him to come on the bus with the others. A big gust of wind came and knocked off a park workers hat so Irene was kind enough to chase it down and give it back to the worker. Lets see, oh, yeah, we heckled another park worker. He was a trainee and the trainer told him stay in the cart, do not move. Well, soon as the trainer rounded the corner the trainee got up and was walking around. Well, you know Irene and I couldn't let that pass unnoticed!
We also phoned a few friends with updates while waiting!
So 3:30 comes and we come to realize that we are the only two people there. We get to debating how many other people will show up for the M &G. Being as it was supposed to start at 3:30 originally, we were wondering where everyone else is? So we went up to the ticket window and made friends with the ticket lady. We asked her where everyone else is. She said so far Irene and I were the only two on the list! OMG! Us two alone with the band and D & J? So that kept us busy for a while, debating who was getting Daryl to themselves! Not that John is unwanted-he's married and Irene and I aren't "homewreckers", you know what I mean!
Finally Uncle Dave came and let us in. First thing we did was a potty break because we certainly didn't want to be interuppted later on! Then we had to sign the usual paperwork mumbo jumbo. We got a real nice tour of the stage, we were allowed on the tourbus, Irene was taught how to lock the tour bus door, and as much as she tried to weasle the combo to get into the bus from Uncle Dave, she couldn't get him out of him. We saw the car John drove in in, and Irene saw a $1.00 laying on the back floor-isn't it funny the things that amuse people! Oh, yeah, some uniformed guy, I think it was an EMT?? walks by and gives us a "Hey, girls" type thing and smacks the back of Johns car with his soda bottle. We didn't let that go unnoticed either. We were debating whether we could "take him" or not, and Irene had just finished saying "yeah, I can take him" when Uncle Dave came back from stashing the cookies he had weasled out of the catering hall. Good thing for that or that EMT would have been going to the hospital in the back of his own ambulance!
OK, this is too freaky. We were sitting in the empty arena watching the sound check and Everett comes stolling up to say hi. He gets within speaking distance and points to me. Well, I have never met him before and I know I can't be in trouble with him, hell, I had only been there for about 15 minutes, and granted I can get into it with the best of them but even 15 minutes isn't enough for me, and besides I know better than to pick on people 2X my size! He points to me like he knows me from somewheres and the only thing I can think of is either my personal Facebook page or the HOF Facebook page because that's the only place I have my personal photo. I used my dancing kitty avatar over here, so I know it's not from here. So I said "can it be from Facebook"? He immediately says "yeah, that's it. Your the Facebook chick".
I also took a ribbing from the tech folks and the band members. They would be themselves, explaining things to Irene and I, and would try to engage us in conversation, and every damn time I opened my mouth they would ask "your not from Florida, where are you from?" Soon as I said NY, then they wanted to know where in NY? Soon as I said Long Island, they laughed and said "Listen to how she says Lawngg Island! Yeah, shes one of us"! I love those guys, what a great bunch of guys and they made both Irene and I feel very welcome!
Meeting John was real great. I had no idea until yesterday how short he is! Even with boots on I think he was the same height as me, and I think Irene might have topped him by an inch or two. He was a sweetie-as soon as Uncle Dave said we were there for the M&G John was like "OK, girls, so what are we doing today? Want some pictures, wanna come up on the stage and play one of the guitars? I can sign some things for you-did you bring something? John was totally awesome and I hope he knows how much Irene and I appreciated this!
Then we ate dinner with everyone. Dinner was some kind of fish, which was good but very spicy. There was rice, salads, veggies, cookies, cake, and I don't know what else, it was buffet style and I didn't check out the whole tables-I was too busy getting T-Bone to autograph my Dangerous Dances. T-Bone sat down with us and opened my DD to some photos he said he had taken. They are towards the back of the book, and it comes out to about two pages of photos that he said were his. He autographed the page and then on each picture that he took he put a TW on it!
Daryl and John both signed my Dangerous Dances on the front cover, as well as my backstage pass.
Meeting Daryl was an experience! He was very gracious and friendly and chatted a few minutes with us. He had those darned glasses on so I could not see how blue his eyes are, but that's OK. I am very humbled for the experience and so glad I was able to make this trip.
Irene, thanks so much for inviting me along, you don't know how much I appreciate this!
As for the show, the Ampitheatre isn't that big but the sound was great. The audience was very friendly and singing along with most of the songs. About halfway through some drunk women got up and went down by the stage and were dancing. Security was cool about people going near the stage as long as you weren't taking pictures. If you were taking pictures they would take your arm and steer you back further near the seats. But they seemed cool with people dancing down there. Irene and I made some new friends-we met Susan, Vicki, Marilyn and Michelle who post here on this board as BeachBum (Michelle), GlowGirl Susan), Libra (Vicki) and Ultimate One (Marilyn) . They found their way down to the stage and were hanging out and eventually I dumped Mike and found my way down to the stage to hangout with my fellow HOF'ers. Irene did the same too, although I could not see her. Her seats were on the opposite end, on Johns side, Mike and mine were on D's side.
There were two encores-and each encore was a 2-fer!
I will have to rely on someone else for a complete set list because I was too busy taking in the sights. I didn't want to have to be scribbling notes all evening but they did do (and this is not in order)
Private Eyes
Sara Smile
How Does It Feel To Be Back
Rich Girl
She's Gone
Out Of Touch
Kiss On My List
I Can't Go For That
Las Vegas Turnaround
Family Man
Say It Isn't So

There were others, but my mind was in such a fog I couldn't remember them!

And that was my show experience, my first (and only) so far! I hope you enjoyed it!

To have your picture shared on our blog, please "message" it to me through my FB page or e-mail it to me through the Hall & Oates Forever DB and I will be glad to feature your picture here on HallAndOatesForever! Keep the pictures coming folks!


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