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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Quick Whole Notes Update!!!

Happy Summer, everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying the hot and steamy weather most parts of the country are experiencing! So let's get down to it. Bunches of stuff going on and hey I wanna get back out there in the sun!!

DARYL HALL SOLO!!! - Yep, that's right! In case you haven't already heard, Big D will be performing solo in Hamden, CT this Friday, July 16th. It is a free show sponsored by the Hamden Arts Commission and it will take place at Town Center Park at Meadowbrook. And to top it off...guess who the opener is? Go ahead...take a stab! It's Mutlu!! He goes on at 7:30 PM and D is expected to be on at about 8:15 PM. Folks are encouraged to bring their own blankets and/or chairs to the event and snacks/beverages will be available for purchase.

I will be at the park for the entire day. For those of you spending the day at the park to stake out the most excellent viewing locations, we'll have a fan station set up where you can come by, chat and grab a snack and a drink. Look for the balloons!
I really hope to see a lot of you there!!!

ELIOT LEWIS LIVE!!! - Talk about a H&O Fan weekend!!! If you are in CT for Daryl's show, why not stay an extra evening and check out Eliot and his fab solo show! He's gigging @ the Blue Martini in Bridgeport, CT on Saturday, July 17th. It's a great cocktail bar with sleek city atmosphere. You can find the Blue Martini in the Bridgeport Holiday Inn located at 1070 Main Street. Eliot is on at 8PM sharp and will rock out until 11PM. So come on down and join me for a delicious "Your Bartender Hates You" Martini...really that's the name of it....

JOHN OATES SOLO ALBUM - This has just been passed the down the pipe...John has decided to name the new album "Mississippi Mile" as opposed to the previously announced "Johnny O"....I have to say I think I like "Mississippi Mile" a lot more...what do you guys think?

ABANDONED LUNCHEONETTE NEW ON VINYL - Friday Music has recently re-released Abandoned Luncheonette on 180 Gram Vinyl. For $19.98 you can pick up this collectors edition of the classic album. Check out FM's dedicated H&O page! You might find something cool to add to your collection. Happy shopping!

Alrighty, I think that is everything of dire importance. Remember, for all of the latest H&O info log on to to the HOF Message Board. Really kids, that's where you are gonna find all the scoops!!

Have a fantastic Summer and hope to see you all on the road soon!!

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