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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daryl Hall Performs @ Waterkeeper Alliance 10th Anniversary

New York, NY - June 27, 2009 - We arrived at Liberty Harbor in Jersey City, NJ at 6:30 PM. A complimentary water taxi was scheduled to pick up party goers at 6:45 that evening. When asking where we were supposed to meet said ferry, we found most of the staff we clueless as to it's existence as well as the existence of the Waterkeeper Alliance event. It seems that it had been overshadowed by a family and friends event for Bloomburg, also using the ferry service.

Finally, at about 7PM we saw a ferry in the distance approaching the dock which had a large Waterkeeper banner tethered to the bow. We were on our way!!! The ride across the Hudson was a smooth 10 minutes. The view of the financial district from the ferry was amazing...a different point of view that I had never experienced before. How could a city as bustling as the Big Apple appear so serene?

The ferry brought us to the terminal located just outside the World Financial Center. We were met at the ferry exit by a very nice Waterkeeper staff member who escorted us to the Winter Garden. As we walked into the glass domed building we were met with wait staff eager to offer us any number of tasty morsels! Hors d'oeuvres included delicious sliders topped with a tomato salsa, beef skewers with summer squash, crispy french bread with tomato and green pepper and Peking duck dumplings. There were two large open bars serving Sam Adams Ale among other organic beverages. There were also two vast raw bars serving oysters and clams.

Numerous vendor tables featuring organic and eco-friendly products including olive oils, art, clothing and jewelry were scattered about the room. Lanky clothing models walked about the event changing their outfits every-so-often to bring attention to the organic fiber clothing collection. Even Lexus got into the mix displaying their brand new hybrid vehicle. The vehicle was flanked on both sides with faux-grass mats made from a papery material adorned with flower petal mosaics.

At 8:30 PM Robert Kennedy, Jr took the stage without introduction. He led in with a few leprechaun jokes and proceeded deliver a gritty speech promoting not only earth friendly laws but the staunch enforcement of those laws. He kept his words short but meaningful.

After speaking for roughly 20-30 minutes he announced that Daryl Hall and his band would be taking the stage. As expected women in their party dresses flocked to the front of the room. Daryl was joined on stage by Tom "T-Bone" Wolk on lead guitar, Eliot Lewis on keyboards, Zev Katz on bass and Everett Bradley on percussion. Opening up with Maneater, the band mowed through hits such as Rich Girl, Sara Smile, One On One, Say It Isn't So and I Can't Go For That all to the crowds shrieking delight! After the set was complete the crowd cheered for more which brought the band back to the stage to deliver You Make My Dreams Come True which was the perfect show closer.

When the band left the stage they were met by Bobby Kennedy and Gloria Reuben (HIV/AIDS activist and actress). They asked if Gloria and a friend might do a song with the band. Daryl sat out and the other band members and the actress made there way to the stage with an unidentified vocalist/guitar player for a rendition of the Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want.

After the show Bobby Kennedy posed for pictures with a few folks along with his wife and children. It was refreshing to see how accommodating he was to the press and attendees. Daryl also posed for some media photos with the Kennedy's and Gloria Reuben. I enjoyed seeing Daryl linger backstage.

Food and libations were still free-flowing so we took the opportunity to grab another drink and mingle about the vendor tables. A few band members were gracious enough to pose for pictures with us and we also got the opportunity to speak with them. They are always so appreciative that Hall & Oates fans go the extra mile to attend these events to support them.

All-in-all this was a wonderful evening that will not soon be forgotten as is the cause it was held in support of. If you would like more information on the Waterkeeper Alliance please visit http://www.waterkeeper.org/


KimOsibin said...

Great review Kerri! I wish I could have been there, both to enjoy Daryl's show and to support this important cause.


kstratton said...

Thank you for such wonderful account of this phenomenal event! We were grateful for your attendance, support and enjoyment! Please keep in touch and be on the look out for our new website which will be launching on July 15th. Best, Kristine Stratton, Executive Director, Waterkeeper Alliance