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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly Match Results for the week ending April 18, 2009

Lightweight Tourny 2: Talking All Night silences Don't Change 6-1

Daryl v. Daryl: Philly Mood puts Someone Like You in a bad mood winning 6-2

Album v. Album: Abandoned Luncheonette deserts Do it for Love winning 6-1

John v. John: 1000 Miles of Life rocks Carved in Stone winning 6-1

Philly Mood is now our featured video this week on our YouTube channel:

Preview of Tuesday's Finals!!!!
Talking All Night v. Romeo is Bleeding
Philly Mood v. Cab Driver
Abandoned Luncheonette v. Marigold Sky
1000 Miles of Life v. It Girl

See you soon!!!

My commentary:
I happen to think Beauty on a Back Street is not that bad of an album especially in the way it starts. Don't Change is certainly one of the top 2 standout numbers on the recording in my opinion with best being Bigger Than Both of Us. Don't Change is certainly not a "normal" H/O song but it is a good song. It shows that they can rock. I love how one is tricked into thinking the singer wants the woman not to change when he sings "not that you've got me please please don't change" and then end with the clever twist: "don't change my life"-great lyrical writing there.

Someone Like You is Daryl singing and wailing and crying and pouring out his soul all at the same time. Anyone whose lost a love can identify with the heart wrenching nature of this song. The music is perfectly written to match the lyrics. The screaming guitar solo echos the cries of a broken heart. Daryl's solo recording of this song is the better than the remake they did later in my opinion.

Do it For Love, the comeback kid. After many many long years of waiting and being written off for good, they score a #1 hit with the title track (even though it came out on VH1). We couldn't wait to hear Man on a Mission from it being played before the album came out. They graced us with driving guitar songs like Make You Stay (should've been the 3rd single), dance songs like Miss DJ and others, great covers of Someday We'll Know and Getaway Car, as well as moderate ballads like Forever For You. It is a gem and proved how much praise they deserve!!

Carved in Stone is a fun fun song. What a voice we get with John's other than Daryl's. It's very rock-country like and is just great to listen to and move with. As much as I love H/O music, they always don't write what I consider to be a "fun" song but here is a great example of one.