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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Match Results for the week ending 4/11/09

Album v. Album: Marigold Sky darkens H20 winning 4-3

John v. John: It Girl turns the Color of Love to black and white winning 5-1

Daryl v. Daryl: Cab Driver drops off Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You 5-2

Lighweight Tourny 2: Romeo is Bleeding leaves its regrets to Had I Known You Better Then winning 4-3

Cab Driver is now our featured video of the week on our YouTube channel:

These winners are in the finals! If your choice didn't win and you didn't vote....Semifinals, Match 2 this Tuesday!! See you then!!

My commentary:

Album v Album: Wow, I was shocked. H20 losing to Marigold Sky? Now, I love Marigold Sky. I didn't know others did too. I usually read only criticism. H20, however, is my first love!! It was the first H/O recording I owned. I know every lyric, every note, every beat!!! To me, this is the 1st recording that truely captured their best in recording. Well, you know the hits. How about all the ones that could've been hits: Open All Night, Italian Girls, Go Solo. And my other favorites: Art of Heartbreak, Guessing Games, and Delayed Reaction. To me, there is no weak moment on this recording-it is pure gold!!

John v. John: Another shocker to me!! I had no idea so many prefered It Girl to Color of Love. Color of Love is a fantastic John song. They played it so well in concert that I'm sad it only had 1 little run in concert. It has great lyrics and a great guitar part. It's a great picture of John at his best!

Daryl v Daryl: Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You, in my opinion, is the 2nd best song on Soul Alone behind Philly Mood. It's a great soul song that Daryl does better than Marvin Gaye. Daryl sings the heck out of the vocal. I think many can identify with the themes of the lyrics. It doesn't sound like a cover song at all.

Lightweight Tourny 2: Had I Known You Better Then is such a good song. After When the Morning Comes, you get the perfect gift of John's light vocals coming through with Daryl's great contrasting voice. It's not a duet but comes across with 2 contrasts that makes the song more than it probably was originally. I would probably credit the late Arif Mardin and his great production for such a fantastic job here. Glad they're playing it again!