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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Match Results for the week ending 4/4/9

Daryl v. Daryl: What's in Your World? It's Someone Like You winning 8-2

John v. John: Carved in Stone crushes Spinning Down 5-2

Album v. Album: Abandoned Luncheonette abandons Soul Alone 6-2

Lightweight Tourny 2: Talking All Night outshines Lady Rain 4-3

Talking All Night is our featured Video this week on our YouTube channel:

Semifinals start next week!! We're down to the Final Four in all matches!!! And you thought it was hard before?? See ya Tuesday!!!

My commentary:

What's in Your World? in my opinion is one of Daryl's best. It's Philly soul, it's passionate. "Whatcha tryin to hide from me, I can't fight what I can't see." Great lyrics, great music. Daryl gets into and takes us right along for the ride. I hope when it's all said and done that we remember this as one of his best solo works.

Soul Alone: I'm setting myself up here with a big bullseye but this recording is in the bottom 2 of Daryl's solo work and not a favorite of all of their recordings. Having said that, Philly Mood is one of Daryl's closest to a true Hall and Oates song and is amazing. Stop Lovin' You, Stop Lovin' Me shows how much Daryl was influenced by Marvin Gaye. This song cuts a little too close for many of us too!

Spinning Down: "We've got to live each day, never forget to say 'I love you'." Nuff said!!

Lady Rain: Why don't they bring this back? It's so so good. It was then and it is now. Hate to see this song exit the tourny. Love it when they sing together. "Oh, lady rain, is it I'll be going down in pain"-don't we all wonder that sometime?