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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekly Match: CHAMPIONS!!

Lightweight Tourney 2 champion is Romeo is Bleeding winning 6-4 over Talking All Night

Daryl v. Daryl Tourney champion is Cab Driver winning 6-5 over Philly Mood

Album v. Album champion is Abandoned Luncheonette winning 8-2 over Marigold Sky

John v. John champion is It Girl winning 6-5 over 1000 Miles of Life

Romeo Is Bleeding is our featured video this week on our YouTube channel:

Great voting this week and over the course of these tournaments!!! New tournaments coming some time in May!!!!

My commentary:
I love Romeo is Bleeding. It's a fantastic way to start the Marigold Sky where Daryl was trying to capture the different shades of Hall and Oates thru the years. This is a great rock n soul song. Lyrics are thoughtful and the chorus with the echo is phenomenal. Talking All Night is certainly a fun dance song that keeps with the dance/soul/rock of Ooh Yeah.

Cab Driver and Philly Mood, in my opinion, are Daryl's top 2 Philly-influenced songs. This is Daryl at his best as a solo artist. While Dreamtime may have been his most successful in terms of chart rankings, these 2 are most consistent who he is. In fact, the other 2 semifinalists, Stop Lovin Me and Someone Like You, round out his best rock n soul composing.

Abandoned Luncheonette is flawless. From start to finish, it is amazing. The songs flow one right into the other. D and J show amazing maturity on only their 2nd recording. It has stood the test of time and deserves to win. Glad they're playing so many songs from this album. Marigold Sky is also an amazing recording. I was surprised it made it to the finals over other recordings but I enjoy the album very much. I could listen to Throw the Roses Away over and over.

I was honestly shocked that It Girl won the John tournament. I had no idea the song was so well liked!! I think it's a good song but never imagined it would go so far!!! 1000 Miles of Life is a totally different song and is very introspective about how much time and moments we waste along life's journeys.