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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Matches up at HOF

These are the songs/albums our fans are voting on this week at our sister site HOF.When the voting ends on Saturday, one of these songs will be our Featured Video on our HOF YouTube channel.

Random Album Match
Just for fun

Which album is better?

Silver Album
Bigger Than Both of Us

Which era do you prefer?
Their careers

Which era do you prefer?

Everytime You Go Away
Which version do you prefer?

Album recording
Live at the Apollo recording
VH1/Do it For Love/or any current version

Rarities Tournament
What songs do you want to see compete?

Pick your 8 Favorites!!!
What's Important to Me
Love You Like a Brother
Time's Up
No Brain, No Pain
Rip it Up
Philadelphia Freedom
Can't Help Falling in Love with You
Don't Let Me Down
Love Train
Finally Seen the Light (Daryl solo)
Gloryland (Daryl solo)
Mona Lisa's Eyes (John solo)
Time Will Tell (John solo)
All the Way From Philadelphia
You Are My Weakness
It Must Be
Without You
And That's What Hurts

Charley v. Charley
Pick your favorite sax solo!

Pick your top 2!!
I Can't Go For That
One on One
Say it Isn't So

In order to vote, you must be a member of HOF, so why not sign up and help vote! Let your voice be heard and influence which Hall and Oates classics are our favorites!