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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly Results for the week ending 3/21/09

Album v. Album: H20 dehydrates Live by Request winning 6-2

John v. John: 1000 Miles of Life outruns The Good Son winning 7-0

Daryl v. Daryl: Cab Driver drops off Northstar winning 9-2

Lightweight Tourny 2: Life's Too Short falls short as Had I Known You Better Than wins 4-3

Next Quarterfinal matches on Tuesday, only 2 left before the semifinals! See ya then!

Cab Driver is now our featured video this week on our YouTube channel:

My Commentary:
Live By Request, though a concert CD, began a new season for Hall and Oates as they started taking requests everywhere they went. This brought back some surprises for us for years to come! The show was great and also brought life back to the long forgotten It's a Laugh.

The Good Son is a good song to my ears, but it also sounds like John is doing a cover song. However, I like John exploring new sounds and harmonic sequences in his music. It's fresh and solid too.

Northstar has returned to us via Live From Daryl's House and even in a concert or 2! Because of Daryl's attempt to bring us more of his solo songs, this rarity was played in a "house" show and was simply mesmerizing. The song just kind of lingers-there's really nothing flashy about it. But Daryl sings it with his amazing soul and emotion and it is simply a transcendent moment.

Life's Too Short, I have to admit, is not on of my personal favorites. I do like the message of the song and we all should accept its challenge especially in love and family relationships. I like the verses but to me after the very short lyric of "life's too short to be living without you," it just kind of bops along. I never understood when they did this in concert why John didn't do the little echo part on the chorus. Oh well!