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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly Match Results for the week ending 3/28/09

John v. John: It Girl permanently quiets Unspoken winning 5-3

Lightweight Tourny 2: Don't Change makes Give it Up quit winning 4-3

Album v. Album: Do it For Love breaks Three Hearts winning 5-2

Daryl v. Daryl: Philly Mood shows that pride goes before a fall as it defeats Foolish Pride 8-1

Philly Mood is now our featured video on our YouTube channel;

Last quarterfinal matches on Tuesday! See ya then!

My commentary:
Unspoken is another great John song that is set within the context of a relationship. I think he's so good at lyrically journaling something all of us understand at one time or another, and in this case, the dangers and destruction that can be forced when we refuse to say, "I love you."

Give it Up is another of the songs from Change of Season that does not have the acoustic flavor. It's a cover song that Daryl greatly modified. I love the opening sax solo. Is the song another one that didn't get a lot of attention because of the Acoustic Power tour? We'll never know!

Foolish Pride, according to Top 40 charts (if you consider that any kind of standard), was Daryl's 2nd biggest hit. I always thought it was odd that his 2nd single was the 2nd song on the B side. Never thought it should've been the 2nd single but I do like the song in it's original form. I have to say that the concert recordings of this song that I've heard, I'm not very fond of it live. I think it's because the key is just too high for Daryl these days and the melody is extremely vocally demanding. It stays in the upper range of the voice the whole way through. Good, strong lyrics though. If he does it more, they really need to lower the key!

Finally, the album Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine. It's Daryl's 2nd solo attempt and my personal favorite of his solo work. Dreamtime was a classic in it's day. Someone Like You is one of the most powerful songs that Daryl sings. I Wasn't Born Yesterday should've been the 2nd single and would have been a major hit. And of course, the aforementioned Foolish Pride. Perhaps, the song the song that grips me is Right as Rain. I love how it starts so sparse, so high, and so soft and then ends in a downpour of sound, vocal cries, and loud accompaniment! This is truly a great album. Glad to see Daryl bringing some songs back like What's Gonna Happen to Us-Daryl please, more??