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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekly Matches ending 2/21/09

John v. John: Spinning Down buries Ghost Town 5-1.

Album v. Album: Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine trumps Change of Season 6-1.

Lightweight Tourny 2: Don't Changes shows Guessing Games that the games are over winning 5-1.

Daryl v. Daryl: What's Gonna Happen to Us? It's answered: a loss, as Foolish Pride wins 4-3.

Foolish Pride is now our featured Video on our YouTube channel!

My commentary:
John v John: I'll just comment here on how great of a songwriter John is by taking the events of New Orleans regarding Hurricaine Katrina and turning it into a metaphorical song. John is great about being covert here without being direct. Noone would know the lyrics derive specifically from that event. John makes it "universal" here so that all can understand the meaning. If you think about the lyrics on a personal level as well, it's extremely emotionally moving.

Album v. Album: 3 Hearts is a great album and I'll comment on that in coming weeks. I was surprised at the lopsided score. Change of Season happens to be one of my favorite recordings. I love both versions of So Close although the acoustic version matches the lyrics so much more. I have a great memory of seeing them perform it on Good Morning America. Sometimes a Mind Changes is highly personal to me and to many as well: a mind changes and another heart flies away. Change of Season is still so relevant that even John rerecorded it. I often wonder if the choice to do an Acoustic Tour dampened the potential of Everywhere I Look, Give it Up, and the raw scream of I Ain't Gonna Take it This Time. A great recording echoing back to Abandoned Lucheonette and an acoustic first half that was years ahead of where "pop" music went to.

Lightweight Tourny 2: Again, I'll save my love for Don't Change for later. Guessing Games is one of my favorite album cuts of all time. Simply, I love it, love it. It has such a great hook. It shows how great they were/are at making a straight-ahead, singable, memorable pop song. It's a feel good song. "Strange moods and jealous anger, a kind of passion that I can't explain."

Daryl v. Daryl: Lastly, let us take a moment of silence for the now fallen What's Gonna Happen to Us? Yes, it is still relevant over 20 years later. The world is a mess. Politics and modern psychology are not only imperfect but cannot save us in any way, although helpful at times. We live in a damaged world where selfishness abounds and love has grown cold. Foolish and selfish pride runs rampant. It's a cry of the hurting and yet philosophical heart.