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Thursday, January 15, 2009

When The Morning Comes

Today I am writing about Vices. Why? Because everyone has one. No matter how old or young you are, whether you are male or female, everyone has a vice. Be it smoking, drinking, gambling, sex or something else, everyone has at least once vice. What's mine?
You're not gonna believe it but this little old lady has a terrible, terrible vice. I am addicted to Hall and Oates! I became a fan of theirs a little over two years ago and now they consume most of my day. Pre-2006, Mommy time was one hour on weekday afternoons, just long enough to watch Oprah. Now it is reduced to all day long while the kids are in school. Most people reach for cigarettes first thing when they wake up in the morning or a drink when they are stressed. I reach for the comfort and safety of my MP3 player when I am stressed. There is nothing like the sound of I Can't Go For That to drown out the neighborhood barking dogs or the old man whining neighbor or the neighborhood hooligans doing wheelies off the curbs. When I walk my son to school, I put on Everything Your Heart Desires and dream about the deserted island I am going to move to when I win the lottery. Little Patrick will be home tutored then, of course! I enjoy that morning walk with Hall and Oates so much that I have even gotten a dog! Next year when my son starts middle school and gets a bus to school, I already have an excuse to leave the house for a half hour every morning for my walk with Daryl and John-that's where Fifi comes in. She still has to sniff out the local fire hydrants, doesn't she? And I am the perfect chaperone to take her.
I know I should really find a support group for my vice. But I don't want to. Call me stubborn, but I think Hall and Oates is an addiction I can give up when I want to. Only I am not ready yet! I might not be for a while, so kids, put a Pop Tart in the toaster, put the TV on and leave me alone!