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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Matches Results for the week ending 1/31

Hey guys,

Here's the results of this week's matches. Voting sure was down and hope to see more of you back on Tuesday!!

Album v. Album: It's goodbye for No Goodbyes as H20 sinks it 5-0.

John v. John: The Good Son is better than Sending Me Angels as it wins 4-3.

Daryl v. Daryl: Cab Driver takes Written in Stone home winning 4-2.

Lightweight Tourn 2: Had I Known You Better Than is bigger than Bigger Than Both of Us winning 3-2.

Cab Driver is the Featured Video over on our YouTube Channel:

My commentary:
Album v. Album: Ok, sure this wasn't a great pairing but in the first round, No Goodbyes won its match. It's kind of like a good win by a #16 seed in the NCAA tourny. It happens and then they face a giant. Sure, no contest here, H2O is the fav of many of ours. But don't count out the gems of Uncanny, I Want To Know You For a Long Time, and Love You Like a Brother. I'll leave you with a question: what if those 3 songs would've become the basis for their 3rd album instead of War Babies?

John v. John: I had to do a rare thing this week: break the tie. I now save my votes for such a time as this. I think Good Son is the better of the 2 songs. It doesn't sound like a H/O song or even a regular John song. To me, it sounds like he's covering some great song of the past, and for that, it gets my vote. Sending Me Angels is nice though.

Daryl v. Daryl: I like Written in Stone. It was the last song co-written with Janna Allen. It's better than many Soul Alone songs to me. But I certainly think Cab Driver is the superior song. It's one of Daryl's best in my opinion. It's certainly a gem played live-go Charley!!

Lightweight Tourny 2: Bigger Than Both of Us is a very underated song b/c of its lyrics. Anyone who has gone thru a breakup or divorce understands the insight of this song. This really should have been THE single from Beauty on a Backstreet. However, Had I Known You Better Than is simply wonderful. It is another example of how good they were at young ages. The album cut is fantastic with their voices overlapping each other!