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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Match Results ending the week of Jan. 24

Here's the results of this week's matches!

Album v. Album: Marigold Sky eclipses Ooh Yeah! winnning 4-3

John v. John: All Good People clips the wings of Little Angel winning 6-3

Lightweight Tourny 2: Melody For a Memory makes Let Love Take control a memory winning 5-2

Daryl v. Daryl: Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You stops Power of Seduction winning 6-2

Marigold Sky is going to be our Featured Video of the Week on our YouTube Channel!

Here are my personal thoughts this week:

Album v. Album: For me, this would've been the hardest vote of the week. Ooh Yeah contains incredible songs. I'm in Pieces should have been the 2nd single released and would have been a huge hit in my opinion. Perhaps it sounded too much like a Huey Lewis song is the reason. Missed Opportunity is one of those songs I site as a perfect example of a Daryl and John song. To me it defines their sound. Everything Your Heart desires is an underrated song for them and I'm glad they've brought it back recently in concert-it's a classic. My other favorite is Rockability-a fun fun song and a great duet.

Marigold Sky, in my opinion, is one of their top albums and totally underrated. Promise Ain't Enough is brillant and did fairly well on the charts. Others standouts are Romeo is Bleeding, the testimonial song Marigold Sky, The Sky is Falling, and Out of the Blue. Perhaps the most amazing vocal every by Daryl is in the heartwrenching song, Throw the Roses Away. I don't think radio knew what do with Daryl and John when this was released and their new record label did a poor job of promotion as well.

John v. John: These 2 songs clearly show the contrast between Daryl and John's lyrical emphasis. All Good People is a great example of John's personal concern for the world as also seen in Love in a Dangerous Time, Keep on Pushin' Love, and Mano a Mano. It is the song on the album that most sounds like an H&O song, however. Little Angel shows John's personal devotion to his family. It's a beautiful song that any parent can immediately identify with: "I'm under your pure white spell since you came to me."

Lightweight Tourny 2: This would have an easy vote for me this week. Melody for a Memory to me is by far the superior song. It is a passionate plea of a broken heart after a relationship is over. Let Love Take Control is just okay for me.

Daryl v. Daryl: Finally, this matchup would have been the easiest. Power of Seduction is way overproduced for me. I personally think it's the weakest part of the album and it happens to be the first cut on Soul Alone. It never made it into Daryl's live set either-the only one that didn't. Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You is a brillant song and shows how great Daryl sings Marvin Gaye songs. It's easy to identify with for those who lost a relationship over time with no event to stop the love.

Well, that's my 2 cents. Hope to see you next Tuesday for more matches and H&O Forever!