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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tourny Winners and Commentary 1/17

Here's the winners of our weekly matches at Hall and Oates Forever ending 1/17/9.

John v. John: Color of Love permanently sinks Go Deep winning 5-3

Album v. Album: Big Bam Boom blinds Private Eyes winning 6-2

Lighweight Tourny 2: Romeo is Bleeding sends Las Vegas Turnaround on a one way flight winning 7-2

Daryl v. Daryl: Wildfire puts Dreamtime to sleep permanently winning 5-2

Here is one of the winning songs!
Romeo Is Bleeding (From 1997)

Heartbreak's commentary:
Since I don't usually vote, I thought I'd add my commentary to the weekly matches. I stopped voting because my vote usually caused a tie so I save it only for that now!

John v. John: I think Color of Love is one of the stand out tracks from Phunk Shui. It sounds great live and in the original recording. The lyrics are solid and the song is well crafted. Go Deep is okay for me. It kind of lingers for me. It has a good groove but doesn't really seem to shine like Color of Love does.

Album v. Album: This one would have been extremely hard for me. I mean you have BBB with Out of Touch, Method of Modern Love, Some Things are Better Left Unsaid and Possession Obession. You also have other great tracks like Bank on Your Love. I feel that All American Girl is the one weak spot on the album. On the other hand, PE features Private Eyes, Can't Go For That, Did it in a Minute and Your Imagination. Other standouts for me are Looking for a Good Sign, Head Above Water, Mano a Mano, and Tell Me What You Want. For me, dead even tie.

Lightweight Tourny 2: I was surprised by this result. I thought Las Vegas Turnaround would have received more votes. It's one of their best duets. It's certainly a stand out song from Abandoned Luncheonette. On the other hand, Romeo is Bleeding is a great opener of Marigold Sky with awesome lyrics. I personally would have chose Las Vegas Turnaround because of the duet aspect.

Daryl v. Daryl: Honestly, this one shocked me. Daryl's most successful song, Dreamtime, losing in the second round? I would have picked Dreamtime because it is such a rocking song. I can't understand why Daryl waited so long to perform this live. Great lyrics in this song. Wildfire is also a great song. I find it to be one of the best on Soul Alone. Here's my problem with it and take a listen and see if you agree: the key change is awesome, BUT, I feel the key change finally brings the song into the key where it should have been in the first place. It seems to lack life before the key change. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

Well, if you've made it this far: congrats! and thanks for reading!