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Friday, January 16, 2009

Someday We'll Know. . .

Ask any diehard Hall and Oates fan, and they'll tell you, yes, there are many myths and rumors floating around out there about Daryl and John. Hall and Oates have been around since Noah came over on the Ark, so it is bound to happen.
Over on our sister site we have been talking about some of these myths and rumors and we hope todays blog will put some of them to rest.

.they are finished as a duo
." Are they still around?"
.they are has beens
.they are washed up

The lastest person to feed into the rumors listed above was Sean Hannity on his radio show, following Daryl and Johns send off to Alan Colmes on The Daily Show.
Contrary to what Mr. Hannity or any other nay sayers believe, the duo is NOT washed up, yes they are still around, yes they are still a duo, they are Daryl Hall and John Oates, surely you have heard of them. . .Sara Smile, She's Gone. . .Whoa there she goes, she'll chew you up?
John has released a new solo album called "1000 Miles Of Life", it has been out since September. He is currently on the road promoting it. In Feb. he is set to go to Japan to promote it!
Both Daryl and John were honored by BMI as legends last year and in November "Live At The Troubadour" was released and is doing very well. Daryl and John have been playing a few dates here and there to support Troubadours release. If you check the list to the left you can see when they will be coming to your state!

There are always a few of you who will say, yeah, people can be dead and still have an album released after their death, yeah, but can they get up from their graves and go on the road to promote it?

.Their videos are cheesy.
Well, some of them were, but when you think about it, a lot of them were way back in the day. Daryl & John were among a handful of the first people to have their videos broadcast on MTV, and a lot of us thought they looked as normal as the next video? You don't think Mick Jagger and David Bowies "Dancing In The Streets" was cheesy? Hall and Oates videos were no more, no less cheesy. Their amount of cheeziness was about the norm for then!

.Hall and Oates are gay.
That couldn't be further from the truth either.
One is happily married, the other has never had trouble finding women and has been in a few long lasting relationships.
OK, so those of you who are asking about what us fans call "The Silver Album"!
It was all in fun! Remember, these are the same guys who wore platform sandles in "She's Gone"? What were you expecting? Them to show up in Zoot Suits?
Daryl once commented in an interview that he looked like "the girl I always wanted to go out with". The album cover concept and make up was done by Mick Jaggers make up artist Pierre LaRoche. John would later go on to say in "Dangerous Dances" "We decided that if we were going to put our faces on an album cover for the first time we wanted to do it in a big way. Pierre said, in that French accent of his, 'I will immortalize you!' And he just did. To this day it's the only album cover that people ask us about."

.Daryl is doing LFDH for the money.
That couldn't be further from the truth either. He funds this whole project out of his pocket. This show is actually costing him money! But it is well worth it. For those of you who have sat in front of your computer screens on the 15th of each month, you know what I mean! It is like you get a free concert in your living room, isn't it?

Another thing that bus us fans is no one ever gets their names right! In 4 out of 10 print interviews or blogs, their names will be spelled wrong. We have seen all variations:
Darryl Hall
John Oats
Daryl Oates
John Hall
In one blog that I read recently, I saw a topic where in one single paragraph they referred to Daryl and John as "John Oates, Hall and Oates, John Oats, Daryle Oates" and all in the matter of two or three sentences?
A general rule of thumb is:
Someone as special as John deserves something extra, so please stick an "E" in Oates.
Daryl can be somewhat of a diva sometimes as some of the long time fans know, so since there is only one Daryl, then please only put one "R" in Daryl!

And lets not forget the funny things we see on eBay, like the guy trying to sell an autograph from John Hall of Hall & Oates! Yes, that item is really listed over there! Buyer beware on this one!