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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Save The Music

There are so many programs-Save The Whales, Save The Tundra, Save The Wildlife. Here's one for thought-how about Save The Music? Music Education in public schools is almost dead. In an effort to save money, many Elementary School Principals are electing to axe the Music, Art and Physical Education teachers in their schools. We are going through this now in our school district here in Florida. When Danny & Eric attended elementary school, they had music once a week and were also offered Chorus and Violin lessons if they wanted them. Danny is not a musician, but Eric elected to take Violin for two years before they cut the Violin Program to save money. The year after that, they cut more money from the Music, Art and Phys Ed program, so now those three teachers only work in our elementary school 3 days a week. Patrick says he only has Art, Phys Ed and Music once every 2 weeks now.I went through public schools myself in the 60's. I still remember my music teachers Mr. Berger who was my band teacher and Mrs. Boyer, who was the regular music teacher. They taught me about half notes, whole notes, stacatto, tempo, melodies, countermelodies, rests, and tons more. I started taking clarinet lessons in 4th grade and kept with it until I graduated. I was in the High School Marching band and loved it. I am really saddened to see Music has fallen by the wayside as the years have gone on. Most people these days wouldn't know what a clarinet is if one hit them over the head. Patrick hates music, he said all they do is sing tired old songs that the Pilgrims probably sang on their way over on the Mayflower. He knows nothing about Mozart or Chopin or what the Philharmonic is.My oldest has accused me of living in a time warp. Can you blame me? Way back when songs had melodies and you could understand what the singer was saying-all except for Bob Dylan, he is an exception to the rule! Nowadays, all music sounds the same. I can't understand what the kids are singing, half of them sound like they are screaming! All songs nowadays sound the same, they all seem to be sharing the same melody. It isn't music anymore, it's freaking noise and I can't stand it! I think all artists today need to go back to their roots and learn how to make proper music. They should all go pull out their Mommy and Daddy's Hall and Oates records and start listening! Ah, yes, Hall and Oates, they were from when music was good. And they are still good! That is a wonderful thing Daryl is doing with Live From Daryl's House, taking those artists under his wing and mentoring them. Now if only we could get John to start a program of his own and mentor some promising musicians! Then wouldn't music be grand again?