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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorite Hall and Oates Moments from 2008

I polled several of the fans from HallAndOatesForever, and these are some of their favorite Hall and Moments from 2008!

D's Girl:
Wow this is really hard!! But a good topic!!I'll do a top 10 countdown...how's that??
10.) LFDH w/ Monte Montgomery
9.) Meeting Mutlu...I love that guy!
8.) Daryl's solo show @ the Keswick Theater...that night was amazing...we made them open up the bar and took over the restaurant @ the hotel!! Rum & Coke please!!
7.) Eliot @ Mickey's
6.) D @ SXSW aired live on national TV!
5.) Double H&O weekend in Atlantic City (met Mike, Everett, Eliot, Charlie & OJL)
4.) LFDH Live July 4th weekend....3 shows in 4 days...
3.) Front row-center @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas - August 15th Jimmy's birthday! (all the guys in the band wishing Jim a happy b-day, including D...too awesome for words!)
2.) Meeting John in Sellersville & having him sign my fav pic of him.
1.) Getting to take a pic w/ T-Bone in Windsor

My fave is the 1st Anniversary LFDH. Seeing and hearing the boys singing together again just made my heart melt.

Not one favorite, but several !~April'08 Borgata Atlantic City Shows :GREAT SHOW! meeting Zev, Mike, Everett & Charlie ; & D's Girl & hubby.~Daryl's Solo @Highline NYC : WOW!FANTASTIC SHOW! 1st row center! & atrish1 (Good work w/ table, girl!) Nice chat with Zev...& almost missed D leaving!~ Daryl's Solo @ Keswicke : meeting more of the HOF gang & hubbies made pals!Damn fun time had by all!~John's Sellersville Show: AWESOME! meeting JO @ signing, & hanging w/ Mutlu after show! real nice guy! ~H&O Windsor Ontario Show: what a blast of a trip, time & show w/ everyone met there! & meeting T-Bone!and not to be forgotten, HOF MEET in NYC OCTOBER 11, 2008! ALL of you are just great! & the friends not yet met thru here!

What I remember most fondly was my Daryl Hall getaway back in July. I had such a great time with Nica, Lynda, Dorothy (and her lovely, lovely family) and Heather for those four days. Oh, and who can forget that story of me getting my picture snapped with Elliot Lewis? He was so nice about taking TWO pics with me; he must have thought I was nuts after seeing me at three consecutive shows.

Emily's Mum
Best musical moment was probably Daryl on Live Forever Fly With Me with Travis.Best LFDH was the one with Travis.Best personal memory - definitely the Daryl solo show in Freeport Maine - kneeling on the grass with Nica as the sun went down listening to Wait For Me.