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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Matches Results for the week ending 1/31

Hey guys,

Here's the results of this week's matches. Voting sure was down and hope to see more of you back on Tuesday!!

Album v. Album: It's goodbye for No Goodbyes as H20 sinks it 5-0.

John v. John: The Good Son is better than Sending Me Angels as it wins 4-3.

Daryl v. Daryl: Cab Driver takes Written in Stone home winning 4-2.

Lightweight Tourn 2: Had I Known You Better Than is bigger than Bigger Than Both of Us winning 3-2.

Cab Driver is the Featured Video over on our YouTube Channel:

My commentary:
Album v. Album: Ok, sure this wasn't a great pairing but in the first round, No Goodbyes won its match. It's kind of like a good win by a #16 seed in the NCAA tourny. It happens and then they face a giant. Sure, no contest here, H2O is the fav of many of ours. But don't count out the gems of Uncanny, I Want To Know You For a Long Time, and Love You Like a Brother. I'll leave you with a question: what if those 3 songs would've become the basis for their 3rd album instead of War Babies?

John v. John: I had to do a rare thing this week: break the tie. I now save my votes for such a time as this. I think Good Son is the better of the 2 songs. It doesn't sound like a H/O song or even a regular John song. To me, it sounds like he's covering some great song of the past, and for that, it gets my vote. Sending Me Angels is nice though.

Daryl v. Daryl: I like Written in Stone. It was the last song co-written with Janna Allen. It's better than many Soul Alone songs to me. But I certainly think Cab Driver is the superior song. It's one of Daryl's best in my opinion. It's certainly a gem played live-go Charley!!

Lightweight Tourny 2: Bigger Than Both of Us is a very underated song b/c of its lyrics. Anyone who has gone thru a breakup or divorce understands the insight of this song. This really should have been THE single from Beauty on a Backstreet. However, Had I Known You Better Than is simply wonderful. It is another example of how good they were at young ages. The album cut is fantastic with their voices overlapping each other!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Biloxi, Mississippi Show added (4/18)!


8:00 PM
Saturday April 18, 2009

Ticket ordering:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Matches Up At HOF

These are the songs/albums our fans are voting on this week at our sister site HOF. When the voting ends on Saturday, one of these songs will be our Featured Video on our HOF YouTube channel.

1. Daryl versys Daryl
Cab Driver v. Written in Stone

2. Lightweight Tourny
Had I Known You Better Then v. Bigger Than Both of Us

3. Album versus Album
H20 v. No Goodbyes

4. John versus John
Good Son v. Sending Me Angels

In order to vote, you must be a member of HOF, so why not sign up and help vote! Let your voice be heard and influence which Hall and Oates classics are our favorites!

Hall and Oates return to The Borgata and The Fillmore, NY!

Hall and Oates are returning to The Borgata in Atlantic City on 3/14/2009! Tickets go on sale 1/31/09! Prices are: $85 / $65 / $50. More details to follow as we get them in. For the most up to the minute info, please visit our sister site HallAndOatesForever.com.


They will also be playing The Fillmore, NY on 3/8, & 3/9! We will post further details on this as we get them in!
A fan heard these concerts advertised on WPLJ -FM, and the dates are appearing on their concert calendar! We will post ticket info as soon as we get it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Match Results ending the week of Jan. 24

Here's the results of this week's matches!

Album v. Album: Marigold Sky eclipses Ooh Yeah! winnning 4-3

John v. John: All Good People clips the wings of Little Angel winning 6-3

Lightweight Tourny 2: Melody For a Memory makes Let Love Take control a memory winning 5-2

Daryl v. Daryl: Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You stops Power of Seduction winning 6-2

Marigold Sky is going to be our Featured Video of the Week on our YouTube Channel!

Here are my personal thoughts this week:

Album v. Album: For me, this would've been the hardest vote of the week. Ooh Yeah contains incredible songs. I'm in Pieces should have been the 2nd single released and would have been a huge hit in my opinion. Perhaps it sounded too much like a Huey Lewis song is the reason. Missed Opportunity is one of those songs I site as a perfect example of a Daryl and John song. To me it defines their sound. Everything Your Heart desires is an underrated song for them and I'm glad they've brought it back recently in concert-it's a classic. My other favorite is Rockability-a fun fun song and a great duet.

Marigold Sky, in my opinion, is one of their top albums and totally underrated. Promise Ain't Enough is brillant and did fairly well on the charts. Others standouts are Romeo is Bleeding, the testimonial song Marigold Sky, The Sky is Falling, and Out of the Blue. Perhaps the most amazing vocal every by Daryl is in the heartwrenching song, Throw the Roses Away. I don't think radio knew what do with Daryl and John when this was released and their new record label did a poor job of promotion as well.

John v. John: These 2 songs clearly show the contrast between Daryl and John's lyrical emphasis. All Good People is a great example of John's personal concern for the world as also seen in Love in a Dangerous Time, Keep on Pushin' Love, and Mano a Mano. It is the song on the album that most sounds like an H&O song, however. Little Angel shows John's personal devotion to his family. It's a beautiful song that any parent can immediately identify with: "I'm under your pure white spell since you came to me."

Lightweight Tourny 2: This would have an easy vote for me this week. Melody for a Memory to me is by far the superior song. It is a passionate plea of a broken heart after a relationship is over. Let Love Take Control is just okay for me.

Daryl v. Daryl: Finally, this matchup would have been the easiest. Power of Seduction is way overproduced for me. I personally think it's the weakest part of the album and it happens to be the first cut on Soul Alone. It never made it into Daryl's live set either-the only one that didn't. Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You is a brillant song and shows how great Daryl sings Marvin Gaye songs. It's easy to identify with for those who lost a relationship over time with no event to stop the love.

Well, that's my 2 cents. Hope to see you next Tuesday for more matches and H&O Forever!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 10 Daryl Hall & John Oates Songs

We have a guest contributor today! This article was written by Gillian Wilk! Thanks Gillian for sharing it with us!

Top 10 Daryl Hall & John Oates Songs

January 22, 2009 by

Gillian Wilk

When you think about 80's music who comes to mind, maybe Madonna, Phil Collins, the Police? Well, how about Daryl Hall & John Oates, the most successful pop duo EVER! I've been a fan since 1985 when I saw them perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Going to this concert changed my life. I have been obsessed with Daryl & John since then. However, I did lose a little interest with the passing of time, going to college, getting my life started. But thanks to the Internet, I have been able to be obsessed once again. I joined their online fan club, I have joined their Facebook group, and their message board. Therefore, as a fan for over 20 years, I feel more than qualified to have compiled the following list. Please note that these songs are in no particular order because if you're a fan, you know that would just be impossible.
1. Don't You Turn Your Back on Me- This is a new classic off the Our Kind of Soul DVD. The begging and pleading for your loved one to stay in this song is so heartfelt and real, you actually feel like Daryl is singing it just for you.
2. Rich Girl- From the album, Bigger than Both of us. Did you know this was actually written about a "Rich Guy"? Daryl didn't think "Rich Guy" would sound good. How right he was. This song has always been a favorite of mine, maybe because I could say "bitch" when I was younger, and not get in trouble for it.
3. Ennui on The Mountain- This is from the famous "Silver Album". This song has always been a mystery to me, as far as meaning, but it has great lyrics.
4. Change of Season- From the Change of Season album. I love any song when Daryl and John change out who sings the lead, and this song is a standout for that. And then when they harmonize at the end, it's just a beautiful sound.
5. Do What You Want, Be What You Are- Another great song from the Bigger than Both of Us album. This was supposed to be the big song off this album, not Rich Girl. This is a wonderfully written song that barely cracked the Top 40.
6. Heartbreak Time- A total new classic. This is from the VH1-Behind the Scenes DVD. It's just a simple and beautiful song about trying to move forward after breaking up, and how difficult that can be.
7. Every time you Go Away- Originally, on the Voices album. However, the best version of this song is the live version the VH1 Behind the Music CD. This song is always better performed live. This version is particularly awesome because Daryl does a passionate improvisation in the middle of the song.
8. Your Imagination- This is off the Private Eyes album. This song was released to the radio, but barely made it into the Top 40. Just a great song. I never understood why this song didn't catch on, maybe the paranoia factor in this sound turned some people off.
9. It's Uncanny- This is from the No Goodbyes album. If you know this song, then you're a true fan. I don't think this song ever really saw the light of day. However, recently Daryl & John have been playing this one in concert and the fans are truly grateful for this.
10. So Close (unplugged version)- This is another one from the Change of Seasons album. This song just proves how much better Daryl & John are when they're singing live.Well, If you've read this far, you must be a fan too. So I highly recommend that you check out Live From Daryl's House, Daryl does a live webcast from his house, in upstate New York, on the 15th of every month. You will not be disappointed.

Gillians article can be found here:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Save The Music

There are so many programs-Save The Whales, Save The Tundra, Save The Wildlife. Here's one for thought-how about Save The Music? Music Education in public schools is almost dead. In an effort to save money, many Elementary School Principals are electing to axe the Music, Art and Physical Education teachers in their schools. We are going through this now in our school district here in Florida. When Danny & Eric attended elementary school, they had music once a week and were also offered Chorus and Violin lessons if they wanted them. Danny is not a musician, but Eric elected to take Violin for two years before they cut the Violin Program to save money. The year after that, they cut more money from the Music, Art and Phys Ed program, so now those three teachers only work in our elementary school 3 days a week. Patrick says he only has Art, Phys Ed and Music once every 2 weeks now.I went through public schools myself in the 60's. I still remember my music teachers Mr. Berger who was my band teacher and Mrs. Boyer, who was the regular music teacher. They taught me about half notes, whole notes, stacatto, tempo, melodies, countermelodies, rests, and tons more. I started taking clarinet lessons in 4th grade and kept with it until I graduated. I was in the High School Marching band and loved it. I am really saddened to see Music has fallen by the wayside as the years have gone on. Most people these days wouldn't know what a clarinet is if one hit them over the head. Patrick hates music, he said all they do is sing tired old songs that the Pilgrims probably sang on their way over on the Mayflower. He knows nothing about Mozart or Chopin or what the Philharmonic is.My oldest has accused me of living in a time warp. Can you blame me? Way back when songs had melodies and you could understand what the singer was saying-all except for Bob Dylan, he is an exception to the rule! Nowadays, all music sounds the same. I can't understand what the kids are singing, half of them sound like they are screaming! All songs nowadays sound the same, they all seem to be sharing the same melody. It isn't music anymore, it's freaking noise and I can't stand it! I think all artists today need to go back to their roots and learn how to make proper music. They should all go pull out their Mommy and Daddy's Hall and Oates records and start listening! Ah, yes, Hall and Oates, they were from when music was good. And they are still good! That is a wonderful thing Daryl is doing with Live From Daryl's House, taking those artists under his wing and mentoring them. Now if only we could get John to start a program of his own and mentor some promising musicians! Then wouldn't music be grand again?

John Oates In Japan

John Oates Set for Three February Shows
At Billboard Live Clubs in Tokyo, Osaka, Japan
NASHVILLE -- January 20, 2009 -- Singer and songwriter John Oates, of the chart-topping Hall & Oates duo, will headline three shows at the Billboard Live clubs in Japan, Feb. 2-5. His performances will spotlight his new solo album, 1000 Miles Of Life.
“I’m excited about returning to Japan for the Jan. 22 release there of 1000 Miles Of Life,” Oates says. “This will be the first time I’ll be performing in Japan as a solo artist, and the Billboard Live venues in Tokyo and Osaka will provide the perfect atmosphere for the style of my new music. I can't wait to greet the loyal fans who have supported me over the years. I think they’ll enjoy the band and the new songs.”
Oates is set to appear Februrary 2 and 3 at Billboard Live in Tokyo and February 5 at Billboard Live in Osaka.
1000 Miles Of Life is Oates’ second solo album. It features such guest singers and musicians as the Blues Traveler’s John Popper, country singer Jimmy Wayne, Bonnie & Bekka Bramlett, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Matches up at HOF

These are the songs/albums our fans are voting on this week at our sister site HOF. When the voting ends on Saturday, one of these songs will be our Featured Video on our HOF YouTube channel.

1. Daryl versys Daryl
Power of Seduction v. Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You

2. Lightweight Tourny
Melody for a Memory v. Let Love Take Control

3. Album versus Album
Marigold Sky v. Ooh Yeah

4. John versus John
All Good People v. Little Angel

In order to vote, you must be a member of HOF, so why not sign up and help vote! Let your voice be heard and influence which Hall and Oates classics are our favorites!

Favorite Hall and Oates Moments from 2008

I polled several of the fans from HallAndOatesForever, and these are some of their favorite Hall and Moments from 2008!

D's Girl:
Wow this is really hard!! But a good topic!!I'll do a top 10 countdown...how's that??
10.) LFDH w/ Monte Montgomery
9.) Meeting Mutlu...I love that guy!
8.) Daryl's solo show @ the Keswick Theater...that night was amazing...we made them open up the bar and took over the restaurant @ the hotel!! Rum & Coke please!!
7.) Eliot @ Mickey's
6.) D @ SXSW aired live on national TV!
5.) Double H&O weekend in Atlantic City (met Mike, Everett, Eliot, Charlie & OJL)
4.) LFDH Live July 4th weekend....3 shows in 4 days...
3.) Front row-center @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas - August 15th Jimmy's birthday! (all the guys in the band wishing Jim a happy b-day, including D...too awesome for words!)
2.) Meeting John in Sellersville & having him sign my fav pic of him.
1.) Getting to take a pic w/ T-Bone in Windsor

My fave is the 1st Anniversary LFDH. Seeing and hearing the boys singing together again just made my heart melt.

Not one favorite, but several !~April'08 Borgata Atlantic City Shows :GREAT SHOW! meeting Zev, Mike, Everett & Charlie ; & D's Girl & hubby.~Daryl's Solo @Highline NYC : WOW!FANTASTIC SHOW! 1st row center! & atrish1 (Good work w/ table, girl!) Nice chat with Zev...& almost missed D leaving!~ Daryl's Solo @ Keswicke : meeting more of the HOF gang & hubbies made pals!Damn fun time had by all!~John's Sellersville Show: AWESOME! meeting JO @ signing, & hanging w/ Mutlu after show! real nice guy! ~H&O Windsor Ontario Show: what a blast of a trip, time & show w/ everyone met there! & meeting T-Bone!and not to be forgotten, HOF MEET in NYC OCTOBER 11, 2008! ALL of you are just great! & the friends not yet met thru here!

What I remember most fondly was my Daryl Hall getaway back in July. I had such a great time with Nica, Lynda, Dorothy (and her lovely, lovely family) and Heather for those four days. Oh, and who can forget that story of me getting my picture snapped with Elliot Lewis? He was so nice about taking TWO pics with me; he must have thought I was nuts after seeing me at three consecutive shows.

Emily's Mum
Best musical moment was probably Daryl on Live Forever Fly With Me with Travis.Best LFDH was the one with Travis.Best personal memory - definitely the Daryl solo show in Freeport Maine - kneeling on the grass with Nica as the sun went down listening to Wait For Me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Charlie DeChant/Larry Hoppen in concert 2/7


That '70s sound: It's still the one
Debbie Manis Sentinel Staff Writer
January 19, 2009

Larry Hoppen, one of the original members of the 1970s rock group Orleans, and Charlie DeChant, who performed with the duo Hall & Oates, will perform together with Hoppen's band, the Allstars, on Feb. 7 in the Mount Dora Community Building.Orleans, whose hit songs include "Still the One" and "Dance With Me," was formed in Woodstock, N.Y., in February 1972 by guitarist-songwriter John Hall, vocalist-guitarist Hoppen and drummer-percussionist Wells Kelly.Later that year the group expanded to include Larry's younger brother, Lance, on bass. Drummer Jerry Marotta later joined the group. Through the years, some band members left and new ones joined. Larry and Lance, along with their youngest brother, Lane, continue to tour with Orleans.DeChant, whose saxophone echoes on Hall and Oates' hit song "Maneater," joined Hall & Oates in 1976 and toured with them through 1986. He rejoined the duo in 1990 and also played the saxophone on Hall's solo album in 1993.
Other members of the Allstars include Lane Hoppen, Randy Nichols and Barry Dunaway, who played with Survivor and the Pat Travers Band.Mickey Carroll, a local resident, is the producer of the event.General admission is $20; VIP admission is $50 and includes a reception with the band following the concert; special Valentine's Day admission is two tickets for $35; and parties of 8 or more are $15 a person.Tickets are available at the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce, W.T. Bland Public Library, Uncle Al's Time Capsule and First National Bank, all in Mount Dora, or online at motherjconcerts.com.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tourny Winners and Commentary 1/17

Here's the winners of our weekly matches at Hall and Oates Forever ending 1/17/9.

John v. John: Color of Love permanently sinks Go Deep winning 5-3

Album v. Album: Big Bam Boom blinds Private Eyes winning 6-2

Lighweight Tourny 2: Romeo is Bleeding sends Las Vegas Turnaround on a one way flight winning 7-2

Daryl v. Daryl: Wildfire puts Dreamtime to sleep permanently winning 5-2

Here is one of the winning songs!
Romeo Is Bleeding (From 1997)

Heartbreak's commentary:
Since I don't usually vote, I thought I'd add my commentary to the weekly matches. I stopped voting because my vote usually caused a tie so I save it only for that now!

John v. John: I think Color of Love is one of the stand out tracks from Phunk Shui. It sounds great live and in the original recording. The lyrics are solid and the song is well crafted. Go Deep is okay for me. It kind of lingers for me. It has a good groove but doesn't really seem to shine like Color of Love does.

Album v. Album: This one would have been extremely hard for me. I mean you have BBB with Out of Touch, Method of Modern Love, Some Things are Better Left Unsaid and Possession Obession. You also have other great tracks like Bank on Your Love. I feel that All American Girl is the one weak spot on the album. On the other hand, PE features Private Eyes, Can't Go For That, Did it in a Minute and Your Imagination. Other standouts for me are Looking for a Good Sign, Head Above Water, Mano a Mano, and Tell Me What You Want. For me, dead even tie.

Lightweight Tourny 2: I was surprised by this result. I thought Las Vegas Turnaround would have received more votes. It's one of their best duets. It's certainly a stand out song from Abandoned Luncheonette. On the other hand, Romeo is Bleeding is a great opener of Marigold Sky with awesome lyrics. I personally would have chose Las Vegas Turnaround because of the duet aspect.

Daryl v. Daryl: Honestly, this one shocked me. Daryl's most successful song, Dreamtime, losing in the second round? I would have picked Dreamtime because it is such a rocking song. I can't understand why Daryl waited so long to perform this live. Great lyrics in this song. Wildfire is also a great song. I find it to be one of the best on Soul Alone. Here's my problem with it and take a listen and see if you agree: the key change is awesome, BUT, I feel the key change finally brings the song into the key where it should have been in the first place. It seems to lack life before the key change. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

Well, if you've made it this far: congrats! and thanks for reading!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Someday We'll Know. . .

Ask any diehard Hall and Oates fan, and they'll tell you, yes, there are many myths and rumors floating around out there about Daryl and John. Hall and Oates have been around since Noah came over on the Ark, so it is bound to happen.
Over on our sister site we have been talking about some of these myths and rumors and we hope todays blog will put some of them to rest.

.they are finished as a duo
." Are they still around?"
.they are has beens
.they are washed up

The lastest person to feed into the rumors listed above was Sean Hannity on his radio show, following Daryl and Johns send off to Alan Colmes on The Daily Show.
Contrary to what Mr. Hannity or any other nay sayers believe, the duo is NOT washed up, yes they are still around, yes they are still a duo, they are Daryl Hall and John Oates, surely you have heard of them. . .Sara Smile, She's Gone. . .Whoa there she goes, she'll chew you up?
John has released a new solo album called "1000 Miles Of Life", it has been out since September. He is currently on the road promoting it. In Feb. he is set to go to Japan to promote it!
Both Daryl and John were honored by BMI as legends last year and in November "Live At The Troubadour" was released and is doing very well. Daryl and John have been playing a few dates here and there to support Troubadours release. If you check the list to the left you can see when they will be coming to your state!

There are always a few of you who will say, yeah, people can be dead and still have an album released after their death, yeah, but can they get up from their graves and go on the road to promote it?

.Their videos are cheesy.
Well, some of them were, but when you think about it, a lot of them were way back in the day. Daryl & John were among a handful of the first people to have their videos broadcast on MTV, and a lot of us thought they looked as normal as the next video? You don't think Mick Jagger and David Bowies "Dancing In The Streets" was cheesy? Hall and Oates videos were no more, no less cheesy. Their amount of cheeziness was about the norm for then!

.Hall and Oates are gay.
That couldn't be further from the truth either.
One is happily married, the other has never had trouble finding women and has been in a few long lasting relationships.
OK, so those of you who are asking about what us fans call "The Silver Album"!
It was all in fun! Remember, these are the same guys who wore platform sandles in "She's Gone"? What were you expecting? Them to show up in Zoot Suits?
Daryl once commented in an interview that he looked like "the girl I always wanted to go out with". The album cover concept and make up was done by Mick Jaggers make up artist Pierre LaRoche. John would later go on to say in "Dangerous Dances" "We decided that if we were going to put our faces on an album cover for the first time we wanted to do it in a big way. Pierre said, in that French accent of his, 'I will immortalize you!' And he just did. To this day it's the only album cover that people ask us about."

.Daryl is doing LFDH for the money.
That couldn't be further from the truth either. He funds this whole project out of his pocket. This show is actually costing him money! But it is well worth it. For those of you who have sat in front of your computer screens on the 15th of each month, you know what I mean! It is like you get a free concert in your living room, isn't it?

Another thing that bus us fans is no one ever gets their names right! In 4 out of 10 print interviews or blogs, their names will be spelled wrong. We have seen all variations:
Darryl Hall
John Oats
Daryl Oates
John Hall
In one blog that I read recently, I saw a topic where in one single paragraph they referred to Daryl and John as "John Oates, Hall and Oates, John Oats, Daryle Oates" and all in the matter of two or three sentences?
A general rule of thumb is:
Someone as special as John deserves something extra, so please stick an "E" in Oates.
Daryl can be somewhat of a diva sometimes as some of the long time fans know, so since there is only one Daryl, then please only put one "R" in Daryl!

And lets not forget the funny things we see on eBay, like the guy trying to sell an autograph from John Hall of Hall & Oates! Yes, that item is really listed over there! Buyer beware on this one!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

John Oates Voted Best Famous Aspenite for 2008


Best famous AspeniteVoters went not for the splashy part-timer, who is as likely to appear in a national tabloid as in the local paper (like runner-up Goldie Hawn). John Oates is, no doubt, famous: As half of Hall & Oates, he is part of the most successful duo in music history. But Oates is a local through and through (even if he still hits the road a good bit with Daryl Hall): he can be found telemarking down Highland Bowl, contributing his time to valley fundraisers, tending his flock of llamas and the like at his Woody Creek home. This past year found him as local — and famous — as ever, jumping on Aspen stages to jam with Blues Traveler, Camp Freddy and others. Look for Oates at the Wheeler Opera House in the months ahead, as he hosts the three-part Stories Behind the Songs series. Also still in the running: Oates’ late neighbor Hunter Thompson, who took third, nearly four years after his death.

When The Morning Comes

Today I am writing about Vices. Why? Because everyone has one. No matter how old or young you are, whether you are male or female, everyone has a vice. Be it smoking, drinking, gambling, sex or something else, everyone has at least once vice. What's mine?
You're not gonna believe it but this little old lady has a terrible, terrible vice. I am addicted to Hall and Oates! I became a fan of theirs a little over two years ago and now they consume most of my day. Pre-2006, Mommy time was one hour on weekday afternoons, just long enough to watch Oprah. Now it is reduced to all day long while the kids are in school. Most people reach for cigarettes first thing when they wake up in the morning or a drink when they are stressed. I reach for the comfort and safety of my MP3 player when I am stressed. There is nothing like the sound of I Can't Go For That to drown out the neighborhood barking dogs or the old man whining neighbor or the neighborhood hooligans doing wheelies off the curbs. When I walk my son to school, I put on Everything Your Heart Desires and dream about the deserted island I am going to move to when I win the lottery. Little Patrick will be home tutored then, of course! I enjoy that morning walk with Hall and Oates so much that I have even gotten a dog! Next year when my son starts middle school and gets a bus to school, I already have an excuse to leave the house for a half hour every morning for my walk with Daryl and John-that's where Fifi comes in. She still has to sniff out the local fire hydrants, doesn't she? And I am the perfect chaperone to take her.
I know I should really find a support group for my vice. But I don't want to. Call me stubborn, but I think Hall and Oates is an addiction I can give up when I want to. Only I am not ready yet! I might not be for a while, so kids, put a Pop Tart in the toaster, put the TV on and leave me alone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eliot Lewis Live Friday Night 1/16/2009

Just wanted to throw up a quick note for any fans out there in the Connecticut area. Eliot Lewis, H&O's superb keyboardist (is that a word?) will be performing this Friday night (1/16) @ Mickey's in Hamden, CT. His first set starts at 7:30PM and he's on until 11:30PM. We have a small reserved section...I really hope some of you out there can accompany us!! It's always a good time!!

Company of Thieves to Guest Star on LFDH

Company of Thieves will guest star on Live From Daryl's house on Jan. 15 at 8:00 EST.

Among this episodes highlights will be Daryl and the gang singing Piece Of My Heart made famous by Janis Joplin and Time Of The Season made famous by The Zombies!

This sounds like a fun eposide!

The Weekly Matches are back!

Now that the holidays are over, our Weekly Matches are back at HallAndOatesForever.com, being led by our friend HeartBreak Artist!

This week we have added something new! One of the winning songs will be the Featured Video on our new YouTube channel!
This week our members are voting on these songs!

#1 John v. John Tourny
Color of Love versus Go Deep

#2 Daryl v. Daryl Tourny
Dreamtime versus Wildfire

#3 Lightweight Tourny
Las Vegas Turnaround v. Romeo is Bleeding

#4 Album v. Album Tourny
Big Bam Boom v. Private Eyes

Voting ends Saturday! In order to vote you must be a member of HOF, so why not sign up and join in all the fun! Help us determine which Hall and Oates Classics are your favorites!